Childhood obesity could reduce life expectancy by more than 5 years

AdvoCare Gives Back®
We’re All In

The AdvoCare Foundation is committed to fighting the childhood obesity epidemic by supporting organizations across the country whose work directly impacts the safety and health of children in need. Our goal is to grant $1 million dollars by 2022 to support long-term solutions that help the next generation survive and thrive. AdvoCare Gives Back® across the U.S. and helps provide the resources necessary for both national and targeted change.

By the Numbers

We started with a bang and made a big difference in 2016.

We granted $130,000 to programs furthering our mission
We awarded 7 year-long grants in 4 major urban cities across the US
More than 8,000 youth participated in AdvoCare Foundation-funded programs
We give to 12 partners in nine states - TX, CA, CO, GA, PA, IA, MS, OH, and TN
We granted $285,000 to programs in 2020
We have given over $1M to date